Air Bar Orange Shake Disposable Vape Pen – 3000 Puffs

The Air Bar Orange Shake is a perfect summertime treat. This sweet drink is a blend of orange juice, watermelon ice, blueberry raspberry, and strawberry mango. Depending on your preference, you can also add a splash of club soda or sparkling grape juice.

Watermelon Ice

For many years now, Air Bar has been a fan favorite, if for no other reason than its reputation. This particular brand of e-liquid is a solid bet for long lasting flavor and quality. The company is also known for the various sized variants of its flagship drink. Amongst the most popular are the max, lux and lite variants. Regardless of which Air Bar is your favorite, you’re sure to find something in your flavor of choice to suit your palate. There are also a wide range of novelty flavors available as well, such as the aforementioned lite. In addition to their smorgasboard of e-liquids, they also make the most impressive looking fruit flavored ice cubes. You might even want to check out the latest incarnation of their mascot, the aforementioned lite.

Aside from the actual e-liquid itself, Air Bar is also known for its signature dessert shaped shakes. Amongst these, the aforementioned lite is a close runner up. Similarly, the lux variant boasts a fancy looking rubber mouthpiece and a fancy pterodactyl like e-liquid.

Strawberry Mango

The Air Bar Strawberry Mango is an excellent non-menthol flavor. It is made from sweet strawberries and mild mango. You can enjoy this flavor on its own or combine it with other fruits.

This is a wonderful smoothie that contains vitamin A, calcium, and bananas. It can also be made vegan by using non-dairy milk. Other fruits can be added, such as peaches, apples, or even ice cream. For a tangier flavor, add some Greek yogurt. Another option is to add some granola. Lastly, you can serve it as an ice pop.

With only four ingredients, it’s easy to make this delicious fruit smoothie. If you’re looking for a healthier option, try replacing some of the sugar with fruit juice. In addition, you can use Greek yogurt to make the smoothie thicker. Alternatively, you can even add granola and some shredded coconut. You can also add hemp seeds or mini chocolate chips to the mix. These will help to balance the taste.

Orange Shake

If you are looking for the best blend of fruity flavors, you will not be disappointed with Air Bar’s Orange Shake line. This is a tasty way to kick back and enjoy some orange juice, without the calorie count. It comes in a variety of flavors, including orange kool-aid and pineapple. The fruity flavor is balanced by a touch of menthol to ensure a smooth vaping experience. For the adult vaper, you will also find that the Air Bar Orange Shake line is compatible with pod systems.

The Air Bar Orange Shake line also includes a TPD-compliant Pineapple Ice flavor. Not only does the Pineapple Ice variant have a gimmick, but it is one of the pocket-friendly e-liquids you will find in your local vape shop. The newest addition to the Air Bar family is the Air Bar Box, a disposable vape pod device with a 3000mAh battery that offers up to 3000 puffs of vapor per charge.

Blueberry Raspberry

The Blueberry Raspberry Air Bar Orange Shake has a sweet citrus flavor that is complimented with a menthol coolness that adds to the overall experience. It is a perfect rendition of a classic orange smoothie. This e-liquid is a great choice for any type of vaper.

The Air Bar Orange Shake has a touch of menthol to simulate crushed ice. The flavor has subtle notes of mango and lemon. With a sweet and creamy taste, this vape is perfect for thicker flavors.

In addition to the Blueberry Raspberry Air Bar Orange Shake, there are several other excellent fruit e-liquids from Air Bar. Pink Lemonade is a delicious blend that is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Pineapple Ice is a classic tropical flavor that has a smooth flavor.

If you’re looking for a unique flavor, look no further than Mixed Berries. This fruity e-liquid has a 1000 puff count and a 5% salt nicotine concentration. Some believe it to be a mix of blackberry and strawberry. The flavor is a perfect combination of tart and sweet. You can also try Berry Shake, which is a 6.5ml vape juice with a 2000 puff count.